As one of Toronto’s lowest per capita income communities, our neighbouring areas, Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park, this week has identified a serious food shortage.

The Neighbourhood Office in Thorncliffe Park (TNO) has started a focused effort to support 600 families that are deemed at risk (400 families, 200 Seniors). This is organized by a lead volunteer and local resident Aamir Sukhera with help from many people including amazing Leaside community supporter and friend of the Leaside Toy Drive, Susan Scandiffio.

Team Toy Drive has decided to join their fight as we believe our mandate is to help our neighbouring community whether it is with toys or food.  So here is how we are trying to help:

1.  As we similarly would do for the toy drive, we are reaching out to food manufacturers, retailers and others to facilitate the deep discounting or donationof needed goods and providing the logistics required to get them to the central location.

2.  Our contribution of $5,000 to the TNO Food Bank.  We have accrued some additional funds through Toy Drive over the years and we strongly believe that there is no better way to use it.

3.  Similar to the Leaside Toy Drive, we are reaching out to the Leaside/Davisville communities and beyond to ask for your financial support to generate $10,000 through this GoFundMe campaign.  Your generous support will be used by Team Toy Drive in the coming weeks, to source and procure the essential food items as identified by TNO leaders, at the lowest prices possible. 
Thank you very much for your consideration.  There are so many needs out there due to  COVID-19.   We know others are asking you for your support and you are answering the call!   However, if you or your company have an additional capacity to support our neighbours in Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park, we would be very grateful.

Lastly, if you have relevant contacts in the food industry contact us below.


Team Toy Drive